Who am I in this life?

Who am I in this life?
I’m nothing, zero.
Why I was born in this world?
To feel the love,
Or be loved?
I know that I never will love someone,
And nobody will love me.
Why I will never love someone?
That’s a good question!
But why you break my heart?
Is that girl better than me?
Or I’m too ugly for you?
You know that I loved you,
I was addicted to you.
But now I’m strong enough,
And nobody will hurt me again.
Now I will break everybody’s heart,
I will be like you!
But somehow I will be better,
I won’t break my lovers heart,
Because I won’t have lover!
I don’t want to kill him,
Like you did it with me.
You kill me once,
But you won’t kill me twice,
I’m not so stupid!
When you hurt me,
I was bleeding and screaming,
I was crying inside my soul,
And I was lying to everybody.
But now, when I know,
That it was just illusion of my love to you,
I just want to laugh and laugh.
I loved you only in my mind,
I thought that I love you with my heart,
But it was my illusion.
Now I know
That I really never loved you!
Do you ever love me?
Tell me the truth.
Is that so hard to you?
Will you die telling me truth?
Are afraid to hurt me?
But I know that you can’t hurt me.
You hurt me once, but twice you cannot.
I’m just too strong for your truth,
And your truth will make me stronger and stronger.
Soon I will be unbreakable
And than I will live forever,
Without love and you.