My heart fly

My heart fly
In the sky
But my mind
Do not understand
Why my soul is so empty
And my feels is still strong?
My heart is free like the wind
In the sky
Bright like the star
Near the moon
But I do not know why
It can not love
Any more…
Maybe it is afraid
Of arrow
Which can broke it again?

This is the moment when I think about you

This is the moment when I think about you,
About your feelings to me.
In this moment I think that you just playing with me.
Not playing just with me,
Even with my soul and heart.
You know what I feel,
What I feel to you.
You know that I really love you,
And it’s killing me inside.
Sometimes I think that I don’t have a heart,
I think that someone has ripped my heart out of me
And that someone is really you.
Today you’re with me,
Today you’re mine
Tomorrow you’re with someone else,
Tomorrow you’re won’t be mine.
How many girls do you have?
Why do you just can’t tell the truth?
The truth that you really don’t love me,
That you just playing with me.
That you don’t want to be with me,
But with that someone else.

Who am I in this life?

Who am I in this life?
I’m nothing, zero.
Why I was born in this world?
To feel the love,
Or be loved?
I know that I never will love someone,
And nobody will love me.
Why I will never love someone?
That’s a good question!
But why you break my heart?
Is that girl better than me?
Or I’m too ugly for you?
You know that I loved you,
I was addicted to you.
But now I’m strong enough,
And nobody will hurt me again.
Now I will break everybody’s heart,
I will be like you!
But somehow I will be better,
I won’t break my lovers heart,
Because I won’t have lover!
I don’t want to kill him,
Like you did it with me.
You kill me once,
But you won’t kill me twice,
I’m not so stupid!
When you hurt me,
I was bleeding and screaming,
I was crying inside my soul,
And I was lying to everybody.
But now, when I know,
That it was just illusion of my love to you,
I just want to laugh and laugh.
I loved you only in my mind,
I thought that I love you with my heart,
But it was my illusion.
Now I know
That I really never loved you!
Do you ever love me?
Tell me the truth.
Is that so hard to you?
Will you die telling me truth?
Are afraid to hurt me?
But I know that you can’t hurt me.
You hurt me once, but twice you cannot.
I’m just too strong for your truth,
And your truth will make me stronger and stronger.
Soon I will be unbreakable
And than I will live forever,
Without love and you.

Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes,
Look into my soul.
My eyes are full of pain,
My soul is alone.
Today, tomorrow, everyday
I will feel the pain,
I will be alone.
That’s my everyday.
Some say that I’m crazy,
Other say that I’m perfect,
But I know that I’m not crazy,
And I’m not perfect.
Today, tomorrow, everyday,
I will lie to myself,
I will bluff to you.
That’s my life.
Look into my heart,
Look into my mind
My heart is ripped,
My mind is in the air.
Today, tomorrow, everyday,
I won’t love you,
I will fly like a bird.
That’s so strange and unreal.
Live my life,
Feel my feelings.
My life is a nightmare,
I feel pain inside.
Today, tomorrow, everyday,
My life will be like hell,
I ‘ll die inside myself.
That’s so difficult and faded.

Why you had to come into my life?

Why you had to come into my life?
If I didn’t asked you to come.
You hit, you break, you stole my life.
You hurt me with your words.
You break me with your eyes.
You stole my life going away from me.
Why you left me here alone?
If I never asked you to leave.
You made me happy, strong and gorgeous.
I’ve been happy with you, my love.
Now I’m strong, when you are gone.
I’ve been gorgeous, when you loved me.
Now I’ll be your sweetest poison.
Which will kill you!
I’ll make your life into nightmare,
Like you did it with mine.
I’ll make you cry,
Like I was crying at nights.
You can’t be able to sleep,
You will be thinking all time about me.
You will scream when I look into your picture,
And I’ll die without you, my darling.

When I looked into your eyes

When I looked into your eyes,
I knew it was true,
My heart never lies,
I was in love with you.

As you stood there,
Just looking around,
My whole body
Melted right into the ground.

I remember the day,
I remember the place,
I remember the time.
It is always on my mind.

You looked so good,
In your shirt and jeans.
I remember the day we met,
You were forever in my dreams.

I wish I could be with you,
Day after day,
Because I love you more
Than words can say.

I`ll wait for you forever

I`ll wait for you forever,
No matter how long it may be,
Cause I know deep in my heart,
You are the only one for me.

You make me feel so special
And so free, like I can fly,
You promise until I want you to,
You won`t say goodbye?

You tell me that I`m beautiful,
And that you have been into me for years,
You hold my hand and rub my neck,
You comfort me through my tears.

Though you treat me wonderful,
Your sweet and kind and you care,
I can`t help but be afraid,
You won`t always be there.

So right now, it`s 2:30 a. m,
And I`m lying here in bed,
And as I start to doubt your love,
Your voice plays in my head.

I`ll wait for you forever,
No matter how long it may be,
Cause I know deep in my heart,
You are the only one for me.?

Written with a pen. Sealed with a kiss

Written with a pen. Sealed with a kiss.
If you are my friend, Please answer this:

Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once but I forgot.
So tell me now and tell me true
So I can say…. I?m here for you.

Of all the friends I?ve ever met,
You?re the one I won?t forget.
And if I die before you do,
I?ll go to heaven and wait for you.

I?ll give the angels back their wings
And risk the loss of everything,
Just to prove my friendship is true
Have a friend like you!