Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes,
Look into my soul.
My eyes are full of pain,
My soul is alone.
Today, tomorrow, everyday
I will feel the pain,
I will be alone.
That’s my everyday.
Some say that I’m crazy,
Other say that I’m perfect,
But I know that I’m not crazy,
And I’m not perfect.
Today, tomorrow, everyday,
I will lie to myself,
I will bluff to you.
That’s my life.
Look into my heart,
Look into my mind
My heart is ripped,
My mind is in the air.
Today, tomorrow, everyday,
I won’t love you,
I will fly like a bird.
That’s so strange and unreal.
Live my life,
Feel my feelings.
My life is a nightmare,
I feel pain inside.
Today, tomorrow, everyday,
My life will be like hell,
I ‘ll die inside myself.
That’s so difficult and faded.