Why you had to come into my life?

Why you had to come into my life?
If I didn’t asked you to come.
You hit, you break, you stole my life.
You hurt me with your words.
You break me with your eyes.
You stole my life going away from me.
Why you left me here alone?
If I never asked you to leave.
You made me happy, strong and gorgeous.
I’ve been happy with you, my love.
Now I’m strong, when you are gone.
I’ve been gorgeous, when you loved me.
Now I’ll be your sweetest poison.
Which will kill you!
I’ll make your life into nightmare,
Like you did it with mine.
I’ll make you cry,
Like I was crying at nights.
You can’t be able to sleep,
You will be thinking all time about me.
You will scream when I look into your picture,
And I’ll die without you, my darling.